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"Oh? And what would CEO Yin mean by reversing the situation? You mean to announce that the termination of our future possible contracts and business relationships were a mistake on our side? Or do you mean that we should shake hands and make up as business partners because you're an old friend of the Chen family?" Chen Mu leaned back comfortably against his chair while maintaining eye contact with the father and daughter pair in front of him.


"It's impossible for him to have guessed that. There are two reasons. One, this could be a regular stamp with initials on it. Meaning, it is just a piece of paper with a rose print on top. Who would have thought that I would fold up the corners, poke a few holes and manage to craft it to a blossoming rose?"


The pressuring weight on her shoulders had lifted after she spurted that out, but she would've never thought that Chen Mu would say the following words. "And I assume that the so called someone from your small speech just now is directed to yourself who always tried to climb up the social ladder, but failed miserably that your face hurt for the numerous slaps you've received from others."


Understanding his meaning, the assistant closed the door and went back to his seat without making any noises. Two female employees started whispering to each other as soon as they saw the assistant going back to his seat.


Professor Luo Xia chuckled, "Shall we move on to Yin, Susu's design?" When he said her surname, he purposely raised his voice by a tad to hint to the judges of an obvious connection between them.


Quickly, Lily and Ariana dialed their phones to reach the guys who were finishing up with the lab. Chen Nan started chanting Susu's name and took out his medical pen flashlight to give her some basic body checks. When her eyelids lifted up, it took her multiple blinks to adapt to the room lightings. Everyone could finally breathe and settle the heavy weights on their chest.

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"Their bodies were burned, and that was how I ended up kidnapped. It was the same day that Ariana got kidnapped too...and placed in the same cell looking place." He didn't bring up as many details as his heart ached to share the traumatic experience. His arms rubbed Ariana's hands as he tried to comfort her while calming his emotions.


At the same time, her phone vibrated and a video file was sent to her from an unknown number. She smiled and opened it.


When Chen Mu entered Susu's room, he saw that she was awake. Her eyes looked tired and droopy as if she would fall back asleep any moment.


"But isn't it weird? If we try to connect the dots, right? Think about it. Even if this invitation card is from Professor Luo Xia, how would he have known about your rose design? How did he get his hands on the rose print? It doesn't really add up." Lily tried to set out the clues and hints that they have so far. No matter how she listed out the order of events, it didn't make sense.


Since that same intern who caught her faults was on shift with her during that time, she managed to push the blame onto the newbie. Lin Que let the head nurse handle the situation since he was in a rush that day to attend an overseas conference meeting.


The reason why Zin Leung brought Karen along was not that he thought she could seduce Chen Mu. He believed that even though she isn't Chen Mu's type of ideal girl to date, she was still Susu's stepsister. Regardless of how bad the situation is, as long as Karen sheds a few tears, no men would be able to resist her. In addition to that, he still had Susu as his gold card. Therefore, he was quite confident in winning over Chen Mu.


Their confessions were quite moving, but for those who were sitting around them, that was eye candy. Two pretty girls confessing their love to each other with tight hugs. Which guy wouldn't fall for it?



"You...something is different. You weren't like this when I left earlier. Your aura changed. Don't move." Zi Yan's palm reached close to Susu's forehead, but didn't touch her. She shut her eyes and concentrated fully on Susu.



"I've designed enough clothes to last a while...so..."she pulled the unicorn pajamas from the couch and placed it on his lap.


After walking in, she reminded him to lock the doors. She wanted to have a private talk with him. Her body was shaking a little bit, and he could tell that she was tensed around him. He didn't understand what was making her concerned to this extent.


Shen Wen was tired of repeating the same words over and over again. She talked to him about all the times when Susu was suffering in the Yin family and how her father was a weak man against the mother and daughter. She spoke about the times when Susu was clearly enduring, but didn't dare shed a drip of tear in front of her to get her sympathy.

  • "Really? But it's been only fifteen minutes?" Susu checked her phone to see if time actually passed that quick.
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